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Why Christians Give

The preaching of the Gospel is free to all non-beleivers. Christians, on the other hand, have been entrusted by God to participate through financial and material giving in the work of the Gospel. Since the time of the first churches mentioned in the New testament, Christians have given financial support principally for three major reasons:

1. Preach the Word — to fulfill their part in the mandate Leer más


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1000 Blogs — We would like to thank all of our readers especially those who have made this milestone possible through their prayers and faithful financial support. Little did we know that over 1000 blogs had already been published, until in March, when it was decided that a complete catelogue of all blogs will soon be made available on the website to all Leer más

  • A Different Spirit
    by L. Jonathan Blais on May 11, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Most of those who decide to follow Christ go to great lengths to change everything except the one thing God has commanded them to change. They alter their clothes, their hair style, their friends, and some even change the way they talk; however, they neglect to change the one thing God has required — their […]

  • Mystery Babylon
    by L. Jonathan Blais on May 6, 2021 at 10:00 am

    As God’s prophetic time clock ticks down to midnight, what Christians need to be aware of is the immergence of what the Bible calls ‘Mystery Babylon,’ not the Antichrist. Once you get the dramatic imagery used in scripture behind you, the major ideas are quite simple to understand. Long before the […]

  • Perfect Weakness
    by L. Jonathan Blais on April 29, 2021 at 11:05 am

    There is no denying it. Sin and wickedness has subjected mankind to weakness, sickness, and death. Nonetheless, the Apostle Paul revealed how the sober-minded believer can overcome the enemy and live in victory by turning his weaknesses into power. God permitted a demon to buffet the Apostle in order to […]



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Known for keen insights and profound revelation into sound doctrine, Jonathan says that in his case true learning of scripture never began until he had completed an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor in Pastoral Ministries. Having planted two churches, written a blog for four years, and founded a Bible College, the 34 year trek of ministry experience has taken him to Central America, Europe, and North America preaching in Churches, speaking at conferences and hosting a one-hour radio program for over seven years. A deep love for the Word of God and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit has brought him now to the final stage of his ministry, which is to dedicate himself to sharing the things God has given to him through the written word and pastoral ministry. Jonathan holds duel Canadian and Mexican citizenship and is a fluent Spanish and English speaker, residing in Northen Mexico, where he pastors a church.